[Top 50 List] – How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Earning money online is easier now than ever before thanks to the multiple companies popping up offering unique services and opportunities.

So, are you interested in learning how to make money online without paying anything?

The internet has opened multiple ways to earn income relatively easily in the comfort of your home.

Unlike lines of credit or personal loans which typically carry interest rates, methods of earning income fairly easily on the world wide web is an attractive offer.

The process is simple as all you have to do is  just sign up for free and start earning. The following are sites/apps that’ll allow you to make extra bucks right now for free.

How to make money online without paying anything

list of 50 ways to make money online without paying anything

Here are the categories featured in this article on how to make money online without paying anything. Click the links to skip ahead to the various sections:

Survey Apps

how to make money online without paying anything - Surveys

How to make money online without paying anything – Surveys

Below are the survey apps that pay to use them for taking surveys. Here you’ll find the app that you require to make that extra buck:

Survey Junkie

You can get paid for watching TV, giving opinions or something else. Survey Junkie pays you cash for completing easy and mindless surveys. All that is required is your Facebook or Gmail account and then answer a few basic questions that take you 30 seconds.


Did you know you can earn just by watching videos? How about browsing or installing a browser? Swagbucks is just the site to sign up and get paid to do something on the internet.


InboxDollars is a Swagbucks alternative site. The site pays you to test products, read emails, shop online, redeem coupons and watch videos. Once you sign up, there’s a bonus deposited into your account.


This site offers you the chance to earn some money by earning points redeemable for cash through making online purchases. You can also get an extra back through playing games and watching videos.

Earning Station

EarningStation rewards you with their loyalty bonus. You can earn up to $3.50 every weak with the site’s EarningStreak. Apart from taking surveys, you also earn cash through watching videos, shopping online and redeeming coupons.


MobileXpression pays cash for sharing your mobile browsing activity. Basically, the app pays you for using your phone. Opinions are shared by clicking bubbles.


Toluna is rated as one of the biggest online survey websites. Toluna invites you to earn cash through Product testing, online surveys, and socializing with other Toluna affiliates.


CashCrate allows you to complete two daily surveys to make $50 a month. The other paid activities that the site offers include shopping online, online games, and referring your pals.

Harris Poll

Harris Poll offers paid surveys which give you an automatic ticket to the current cash sweepstakes. The findings of the site are regularly mentioned in national news reports. Harris Poll is the foundation of paid survey movement.


This is a new survey site that allows you to earn points through daily challenges, daily trivia quiz, personality profiler, surveys, the quarterly prize sweepstakes and Earn on the Go location-based earning opportunities. LifePoint offers you a base point bonus monthly.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

how to make money online without paying anything – Fitness

Did you know you can Get Money Now free and fast by exercising at home or hitting the gym? Here are the best paid to workout apps:


Achievement app allows you to get in shape as you get free cash. The fitness app rewards you from the following daily actions, Sleep, Tweets, Tracking steps and meals — Android, as well as iOS apps, support achievement built-in app.


HealthyWage allows you to partake in corporate, individual and team challenges. You bet to lose several pounds within some speculated period and receive a payment if you accomplish your set goal.


This is another app that rewards you for betting on dropping some weight. The trick here is to meet your goal or pay if you don’t. The app also reimburses you for maintaining the weight loss after losing the pounds.


StepBet pays you based on the number of steps you take. The majority of the games take six weeks. You’re paid once you accomplish your set goals.


Higi has stations that are placed at clubs, drug and food stores across the country. The stations have free blood pressure monitoring machines that you probably use all the time. You can earn redeemable points by tracking your body stats for free at these Higi stations.


MapMyFitness app awards redeemable points to the top performers every month and there’s a grand prize to be worn at the end of the calendar year. MapMyFitness is a free Under Armour app


Sweatcoin uses your GPS and accelerometer validates your daily steps and converts them into Sweatcoin. The Sweatcoins are redeemable. The app acts as the cryptocurrency for the fitness world.


Here you are paid to workout and aid others as you do it. Skillshare allows you to receive frequent cash through exercising and making videos while at it. The videos are shared for others to watch on how to workout.


Fitcoin app pays you in BitCoins for the exercises done. Redeemable rewards are earned through working out. The activities are verified through the inbuilt workout tracker in the app.


Pact app available only for Android devices is the app to download and get paid for your fitness exercises. The app pays for eating healthy meals, meeting fitness objectives and hitting the gym. You can link the app with other apps that track your health data and get recognized for doing do.

Get Paid Searching the Web

how to make money online without paying anything

how to make money online without paying anything – Web Searching

One of the easiest ways to earn online is by simply doing tasks you already perform – like searching the web. Here are a few easy ways you can earn money online doing just that:


Zombucks is similar to Swagbucks. You get paid through searching the web. You can also earn through cash back.


This is a browser extension that pays you to use your PC daily. You can sign up using your email account and then download the extension and continue with your regular search. You get paid some bucks for clicking on the left sidebar pop up ads.

Fusion Cash

Fusion cash pays you to watch a video, read emails and do surveys. The site pays extra money for doing internet searches. You are welcomed with a $5 instantly after sign up.


This site is perfect for internet users with brilliant skills and skilfull of generating the required responses to a variety of queries. You’re needed to use the least time possible to respond to various questions.


The site pays you for searching the web. The more you do searches, the more you earn redeemable points. Here you use the Paid Search function on the dashboard of iRazoo site.


Honey is an app that is installed on all web browsers. It searches the web for internet coupons for use on online stores you visit. You can get one of a kind deal in online stores.


GrabPoints pays you for taking surveys, watching videos and completing offers. The points earned are redeemable for various prizes.


This is a new search engine that pays users to use it do their searches. It’s mostly a social search engine better for Facebook users.

Microsoft Rewards

Earning Microsoft Rewards is actually fun and straightforward. Just search or play with Microsoft, and you’ll start earning more. You can use the Bing mobile to search and earn additional points.

Google ScreenWise

This is a legit research market site that awards you for every survey you complete. It’s free and owned by Google search engine.

Cash Backs Sites

Cash Back

how to make money online without paying anything – Cash Back

These are sites that deal with online retailers where they receive a commission for every customer they send. They offer you with cash back offer if you go through them instead of going directly to a vendor. They include:


This is the site that offers the highest cash back percentage. eBates has a large number of stores that you can get cash back from when you shop.


Lemoney has a hundred stores including famous online stores like JCPenney, eBay, Sephora, Expedia and others. Lemoney has Turbo Cashback platform where you can earn up to 50% cash back. The site has a deal section with great coupons and deals for favorite online selling stores.

Mr Rebates

Mr Rebates offers big money back. The site is one of the first rebate sites present. They have a unique feature of having a low cash out of $10.


This is another popular cashback site. ShopAtHome offers extra cash back during the holidays. The site has some of the highest money back offers.


This is not the usual cashback website. It’s a saving app that earns you extra buck on the go. This cashback site has a unique feature of receiving your cash back even on basic things like bread and milk.


The website provides coupons as well. TopCashBack provides a big list of online stores to shop off. You can save more with the site.


This is an international website for cash back. Extrabux stands out because it incorporates the biggest selections of online stores. The site offers promo codes and coupons.


BeFrugal offers a wide range of stores to earn money back after spending. The site rewards $10 cash bonus after sign up. There are coupons for online restaurants and stores.


MyPoints has been on the reward program for many years. They also offer you money for clicking the link in sent emails.


This is an app that rewards its users for shopping online and in-store. ShopKick rewards are called kicks and can be redeemed for a big selection of free gift cards.

Micro Tasking Sites

Micro Tasking

How to make money online without paying anything – Micro Tasking

These are sites that pay you for completing short tasks on the internet. They include:

Figure Eight

Figure Eight is a website that pays for completing easy and quick tasks. The paid jobs include moderating content, drawing boxes on images and transcribing audio. Every task pays differently.


This is considered one of the most popular sites to test websites. You are required to submit a 10-20 minute video speaking out your opinion on the website as you go. Their pay is from $10.


Fiverr has been one of the visited sites in the online money making business globally. Fiverr requires you to self-start a bit. You upload a service you can offer and set your price. The minimal set price is $5.

Click Worker

Click N Work is a data entry website that invites all people globally to undertake the tasks. You will be asked to complete a web-specific task that is to be submitted after a few minutes. Jobs here pay according to complexity.


Before undertaking any task at Crowdtap, you are required to link your Facebook account. Crowdtap has easy jobs like Field Agent, product research, EasyShifts and feedback of given things. You’ll need to be a United States resident and own a smartphone to get started with Crowdtap.


CrowdSource is a well trusted online company. The site requires you to live in the US. The entrance test of CrowdSource is said to be “tough.”

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also called m Turk, the site has an online severe work program that aims at committed workers. The site has high-paying tasks. You have to be skilfull to survive in m Turk.

Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd aims at serious and skilled workers to sign up. The company contacts applicants when there is a task to complete. The work includes data entry, testing and data research.


This is one of the best online marketplaces for jobs. This online platform links Employers and Workers globally. Employers get their task completed successfully and in turn, pay for the functions.


This is a site where jobs are posted, and you can pick a micro job that you can handle and work on it. Here you can earn some extra bucks for completing straightforward tasks posted by various companies.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – Conclusion

The internet has opened job opportunities for everyone to work at home. Get money now free and fast through online paid websites where you may receive payment through PayPal, redeemable points, BitCoins or Money check.

fitness apps How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything micro tasking survey apps
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