I Need Money Now for Free and Fast! – List of Ways to Earn Online

According to the Pew Research Center, 24% of Americans earned money online in 2016. At least 5% where from online tasks like online surveys and data entry.

If looking for ways to earn money for free and quickly, there’s a growing list of ways to accomplish that task.

Aside from personal loans and lines of credit that offer funds for a price, performing certain tasks via an internet connection can provide some income.

Typically things like paid surveys, games, viewing videos offer easy methods to earn money online.

It’s actually quite surprising many of us don’t even realize that there are many opportunities on the web to achieve this target.

In the following paragraphs are some surefire ways to get money now for free and fast.

I Need Money Now for Free and Fast:

I need money now fast and free

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Reward Apps:


This particular site will provide you with the opportunity of generating cash by participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games or even shopping thanks to the innovative cash back facility.

By doing all these activities it’ll be possible for you to generate SB points which can be redeemed for cash and deposited into your PayPal account.

These can also be claimed for gift cards as well. This site can help you to boost your earnings by a minimum of $100 every month.


This site is similar to Swagbucks as it offers the same opportunities to earn money performing simple tasks.

The site is older (been around since 2000) and has paid over $57 million to users. It has a really great TrustPilot rating (4 stars) with 6,820 reviews at the time of this writing.


SendEarnings is yet another way of earning some extra money on the web. This can be done by participating in surveys and also reading emails.

However, the minimum threshold for payment happens to be $30 and one will generate 2 cents every email or 25 cents by completing every survey.

You will also come across some lucrative “free offers” with this site too.


In case you’re planning to make money on the web, MintVine is meant to be one authentic way of doing that.

You can use the site on virtually any device that can connect to the net. You’ll be able to generate 1 penny for every single point earned by you on this site. Payments will take approximately 3 to 5 days for processing.

You will receive invitations for taking part in surveys right in your inbox and there is no limit to the number of surveys that you can participate in.

There is also another feature in this site called “daily poll” where you need to answer one multiple-choice question every day for getting 5 points.

Fitness Apps:


This is a health app which will enable you to generate cash by accomplishing weekly health objectives or “pacts”.

You simply need to get enrolled and then make a pact. This app will allow you to make several types of pacts such as gym pacts, veggie pacts, as well as food log pacts.

In case you’re able to stick to a healthy exercise plan, the app will pay you cash rewards for that.

However, if you fail to meet your goals you will end up losing cash. On most occasions, you’ll be able to make somewhere between $0.3 and $5 every week.


Ever since this app was launched, it has shelled out in excess of $6,800,000 and there are several users who have generated incentives of more than $1,000.

You simply need to register with the site and following this you have to set up your personal fitness challenge or you need to join an already existing one.


This app is adept at helping you to slim down and generate rewards at the same time.

At first, you’ll need to open an account, and following this, you need to go through a verified weigh-in.

Next, it’s important to establish a time-sensitive weight reduction target and then a bet has to be placed with your own cash. In case you’re able to achieve your target, you will generate a cash reward which will be paid via Amazon credit or PayPal.

You will be able to use this app either in a group or individually according to your personal preference.

Paid Surveys:


In case you prefer to give your own opinion, clean your backyard, watch television, or anything similar to that, this app will pay you for doing all those.

Sites like this one will pay you cash for completing extremely easy surveys most of which pay somewhere between $2 and $4 and can likewise be completed within one minute or so.

Moreover, new surveys will be added by this site on a regular basis.


This app is a fantastic platform in case you do not like to participate in surveys every day. In fact, you will not be provided with too many invitations while each survey will pay you as much as $3 for completion.

This site provides opinion surveys and you can also perform product testing for an unreleased product. Apart from this, there is likewise a lucrative $4,500 quarterly prize draw as well.


You’ll be able to make money with this app by means of participating in surveys and also doing mystery shopping. It’s important to open this app while shopping.

Try to observe whether they are searching for any mystery shoppers out there. If not, it’ll be better to go for a survey invitation instead.

iPoll will pay you via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, as well as iTunes gift cards. The minimum threshold for payment happens to be $25.

Signing up for Rewards Credit Cards:

Citi Double Cashback

With this card you’ll be able to make 1% cash back once you purchase anything and another 1% while paying it off.

There’s no minimum limit on how much can be earned right here and it hardly matters what you are actually purchasing, you’ll be generating a lucrative 2% cash back in the long run.

The rewards happen to be unlimited and they can be redeemed for a gift card, a check, or a statement credit.

Discover Cashback

This card will allow you to obtain 1% cash back on as much as $3,000 of purchases every month to be directly deposited into your personal Discover checking, money market account or savings account.

This account does not come with any minimum monthly balance requirement or service charges, and you will not spend anything for the incoming wire transfers.

Online Rebate Service


Ebates happens to be a program which will enable you to earn cash back on every purchase you make on the web. Moreover, you’ll be able to perform this seamlessly while shopping and browsing like normal.

It’s important to visit the official website of the app so as to use it while shopping. Following this, you need to click on the retailer from whom you’re going to shop.

The amount of cash back that’s offered by this site will depend on which online company you’re shopping from. On average, it is going to be somewhere between 5% and 7%. However, the percentage can increase to 10% during some special promotions.


This happens to be an app which will give you bonus cash back once you make a purchase at some select retailers. For this, your credit card or debit card has to be linked to the app.

Following this, it’ll be possible to use them once offers are available to you. You’ll be paid out via Direct Deposit or PayPal after accumulating a minimum of $15 in your personal account.


In case you like to make some extra cash online, ShopAtHome.com is a good site to consider. It’s actually a cash back site where you can generate cash back on every purchase made by you.

Moreover, ShopAtHome.com is likewise offering a number of paid surveys to its users at present.

You can claim your cash quickly with PayPal deposits, Amazon gift cards or the company might even mail you a check.

I Need Money Now for Free and Fast – Conclusion

Apart from these astounding apps mentioned in this article, there are many more that will likewise fulfill your objective of making some extra money online.

Therefore, feel free to browse online and try out these different apps to use them to your advantage.

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