Is Credit Sesame Safe? Learn the Steps They Take to Protect your Data

Credit Sesame, based in Mountain View, California was founded in 2010 and is funded by two large venture capital funds Menlo Ventures and Inventus Capital.

Is Credit Sesame Safe?  That’s a good question to ask.

Credit Sesame is one of many free options for those interested in monitoring their credit.

Credit Sesame’s website provides general information on how to manage your score, credit card options and a number of other sensible financial topics.

If you join as a member, the hope is that you’ll obtain tips and ideas with support from experts to assist in creating an exceptional credit profile.

Credit Sesame is indeed free! Actually, it’s one of the top three companies that offer a completely free and trustworthy credit score report.

Is Credit Sesame Legit?

“First we give people their free credit score. Then we break down all the components that make up the score and then for each factor what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and what they can do to improve their overall finances and their overall credit standing.” Andrian Nazari Founder & CEO

Credit Sesame is 100% legit. The company offers legit credit services with all of the right accreditation and safety measures you will expect. Credit scores come through TransUnion.

The company generates revenue through offering premium account upgrades to clients and via regular advertisement of their products to their members who will be interested.

Moreover, the company received an A+ rating from the famous Better Business Bureau.

Is Credit Sesame Safe and Secure?

When it comes to keeping your financial data safe, there are obvious concerns. Before using the service, you have to ask “is credit sesame safe?” for use and is the information you’ve provided secure.

Credit Sesame is safe and secure and this is has been explained in their website by the following security highlights from their page.

List of Credit Sesame’s Safety Features

  • The website has been marked safe by McAfee Secure.
  • Its security practices have been approved by VeriSign Secured.
  • Its privacy practices are accepted by TRUSTe certified privacy.
  • The company uses secure servers that are under surveillance on 24/7 basis.
  • Credit Sesame uses encrypted data transfer and storage.
  • Customer information will not be shared or sold to Third parties for marketing purposes.

Credit Sesame Secured by McAfee

McAfee has certified Credit Sesame’s site as secured by meeting the following objectives:

No Malware or Malicious Links: McAfee routinely scans the site to ensure no harmful links or viruses are found. With the increase of global hacking incidents, it’s wise to be concerned whenever you enter private information on a company’s website.

No Phishing Detected:  Phishing, an effective cybercrime, is when some identity thief tries to steal a persons information by tricking them through emails, text, telephone or by posing as a legitimate company’s website. As long as you’re visiting the official Credit Sesame website, you’ll be free from those safety concerns.

Valid SSL Certificate: A Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, ensures that information being transmitted over a network is encrypted. So any information you input onto Credit Sesame’s website is protected and private.

Perimeter Scanning Active: This basically means that Credit Sesame’s site is constantly being scan by McAfee to identify any vulnerabilities a hacker may attempt to take advantage of.

Does Credit Sesame Protect My Privacy?

Credit Sesame is also certified by through their Privacy Shield Framework. This is developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce et al to ensure data is private and secure. assists Credit Sesame to comply with data protection laws between the U.S. and the E.U. which benefits all users.

What Can I Expect When Signing Up?

When it comes to joining Credit Sesame, they use TransUnion’s authentication process which verifies a users identity. You simply answer three questions only you would know.

If you fail to answer the three questions, you must wait 30 days before re-applying. The reasoning behind this is to minimize ID theft.

Credit Sesame Free Identity Theft Insurance

Speaking of ID theft, every account Credit Sesame offers for free is accompanied with identity theft protection package. You can get $50k in Identity Theft insurance along with free fraud resolution service.

The amount is applied towards your identity restoration costs but not the losses you suffer from the theft. In addition, the identity theft victims get assistance from identity restoration experts.

Thus, the whole process of getting your credit repaired is very easy to manage. This shows that you’ll benefit from professional guidance if your identity is stolen or tempered.

How Can Credit Impact a Person’s Life

Credit Sesame provides an impressive “What If” tool that analyzes an individual’s life possibilities. It shows a person how things can be, supposing he had a different debt load and credit score.

It’s possible to see how many opportunities present when you turnout to be a better borrower. It assists to figure out where a person will be once he/she starts seeing some outcomes.

They also show how one can save money on present debts. You can allocate excess money to your current debts. Hence, you can re-calculate and check the effects of reducing loan burden by Credit Sesame’s recommendations.

Credit Sesame Does a Good Job Guarding your Data

Credit Sesame is an important free service that can aid you with credit protection and monitoring tools. So far they are the only one that provide free identity insurance. Furthermore, their reporting analysis features are superb.

The paid portion of their services provides credit score from all three bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax). The free version only offers scores from TransUnion.

Here are the plan tiers/pricing offered by Credit Sesame:

  • Free membership: $0
  • Advance Credit: $9.95/month
  • Pro Credit: $15.95/month
  • Platinum Protection: $19.95/month

The Importance of Knowing your Score

If you plan on making a large purchase (car, home, personal loan, etc.) then knowing your score is a good idea. That you can get an idea of what type of interest rates you can expect.

So, if you feel you could use some extra help in building (or rebuilding) your credit, Credit Sesame can be a useful service.

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