Petal Visa Credit Card Review – View Pros and Cons, Interest Rates and More!

The Petal Visa Credit card is great for those just starting to build their credit. It offers cash back as well as a mobile app for cardholders.

This Petal Visa Credit Card Review offers an informative overview this company assists consumers with limited or no credit history.

Though many prudent finance manager might dissuade people from going in for credit cards, there are quite a few good reasons for you to have a credit card.

There are obviously a number of benefits of credit cards provided one knows how to make prudent use of them.

Dozens of credit cards brands are also coming into the market quite often. Petal Visa Credit Card is one such card that is catching the attention of many customers and also experts in the finance market.

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Petal Visa Credit Card Review

Petal Visa Credit Card Review

Hence, it would be a good idea to go through a factual Petal Visa Credit Card review. We believe that it will go a long way in getting a fair idea about the credit card, the features in it, the pros and cons and other such information.

It will help customers to make the right choice based on information that is factual and trustworthy.

Details about the Petal Visa Credit Card

Let us get started with a brief understanding of the financials as far as this credit card is concerned. To begin with, the credit card offers a maximum credit limit of $10,000.

This is suitable for beginners and those who are getting into the credit card market for the first time. Even those who have credit cards in their names are also eligible for this credit card.

However, if there are those who have a bad credit history, then it’s quite obvious that they may not be eligible for this card.

There are a few more aspects of Petal Visa credit card review that are worth discussing about from the financial perspective.

If you are existing credit card holders and have dues lying in the account, you might look for balance transfers.

No Balance Transfers

It would be pertinent to mention that the Petal Visa Credit Card does not offer balance transfers and hence this obviously is a downside.

It comes with interest rates ranging from 15.24% to 6.24%. This variable rate of interest takes into account the risk profile of the borrower and other such attributes.

There are no other hidden fees or costs apart from the interest payments.

You don’t have any annual fees applicable on this card. There are no cash advance fee for cash withdrawals. No late fees, and not cash advance fees are also there.

If the borrowers exhibit a good repayment track record then the borrowers get up to 1.5% cash back.

This is after 12 prompt and regular repayments. All cash purchases made on the card come with a 1% cash back facility. This is done right away and there are no questions asked.

How To Make The Best Use Of The Card

You would do well to build your credit record responsibly. Also, bear in mind that Petal reports its transactions to all the three major credit bureaus.

You also have a unique mobile app available when you are a customer of this credit card.

This feature has been well received and is talked about in each and every Petal Visa credit card review.

Customers can make use of this mobile application for managing your money easily, and also track your spending.

You also have the facility of automating payment from the credit card account.

Prompt And Efficient Sanction

The card has the facility of pre-approval and within a few minutes you will be able to find out whether your card has been approved or not.

This pre-approval process will not impact your credit score in any manner whatsoever.

There is no need for any deposits for availing this credit card. The card is issued by WebBank and it is a member of FDIC.

No Credit History Offers Are Also Available

As mentioned above, if you are a new credit card applicant without any credit history, then the Petal Visa Credit Card could come in handy.

This is because this brand of credit card is not too particular of a previous credit card history. If you go through a few Petal Visa Credit Card review articles, you will come to know how useful this card could be for first time applicants.

Your application as a first timer is decided on the basis of your digital transaction, your income sources, and the stability of your income, your saving pattern, and the way in which you manage your expenses and so on.

However, the information mentioned by you in your application is not taken on face value. The card issues runs your application through a robust credit check.

This will make sure that the card issuer will be able to track any negative credit record or history.

If the borrower has missed out on payment or has been declared bankrupt or has other such negative attributes, then the card issuer is well within their rights to reject your application for Petal Visa Card.

Consumer Friendly Terms

If you look around and do some research you’ll come to know how many card issuers impose stiff conditions for those borrowers who are there for the first time or those who have bad credit history. In case of Petal Visa Credit Card, you can be sure that you don’t have to worry about the same.

Petal Visa Credit Card Pros And Cons


  • Transparent and open interest terms and conditions.
  • No hidden cost.
  • No annual fee, cash withdrawal fee and other such charges.
  • Tiered interest structure with best interest deals for good borrowers.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Mobile app for easy management of your credit card payments including automated transfers.
  • Cash back, and other reward systems.
  • On the whole, it is one of the best credit cards in the market for new entrants.


  • Strict on those with not having the right credit history.
  • Credit limit of $10,000 may not be suitable for a few borrowers.


If we are go by the above Petal Visa Credit Card Review and also take into account various other inputs from financial experts and credit card experts, it is quite obvious that this is a good credit card.

It is good for beginners who are keen on building the right credit history. However, it may not be the best card on offer for those who already have one more cards and for those who are looking at credit limits beyond $10,000.

There are no annual fee and other hidden charges and therefore customers can be sure that the interest that is mentioned on the card is the only cost that they will have to incur if they decide to go in for this credit card.

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Petal Visa Credit Card Review
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